And now, we wait.

So many things in motion… so many things unsettled.

The good thing is that Impaciente and I received our severance pay… the bad thing is we got a check, not a direct deposit, so we need to see if it clears in time to pay the auto insurance. According to the Unemployment Compensation website, we’ve also been paid a week’s worth of benefits. It’s not in our checking account, but we’ll give it until tomorrow before we call the government.

Impaciente’s son Ayúdame felt reasonably comfortable about his job interview yesterday. He was told he’d hear something tomorrow… and he may be attending a job fair, too, so other opportunities are being pursued.

My second interview with the nearby agency went pretty well too; I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a decision by the end of the week.

To celebrate, we are clearing what we had in our checking account by ordering Chinese. It’s amazing how this feels like a splurge, but it does… and I’ve never been so excited at the prospect of eating lo mein.

When I was young and money was plentiful, I took everything for granted. Nothing was particularly awful, but everything could have been better…meals, events, clothes, vacations, jobs, expectations for the future. I was bored, and always a little restless… a little dissatisfied. Now, everything is a treat. It’s almost a surprise. Look at this! We suddenly have enough to make an HOA payment. Check it out! We received an unexpected rebate we can redirect to the tax collector. We spent another day on the tightrope, and once again, we didn’t fall to the ground!

Beyond that, every nickel we spend on ourselves feels like naughty indulgence, since it always represents a purposeful choice. Shall we have Chinese, or fill the tank? Shall we buy new shoes, or pay for cable? As we enjoy whatever we have selected, we are acutely aware of the fact that this is something we wanted more than something else. It’s Special.

Every moment of our lives is filled with something to appreciate, and that makes days like today much, much easier. We are waiting, yes, and we are wondering, of course… but we are engaged in the present.  We are grateful.

And tomorrow, when whatever we’re waiting for arrives, we’ll be grateful for it as well.


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