Reality check

I don’t think I got the job for which I interviewed last week.

They were hoping to hire quickly, and promised to get back to me this week. Well, the week is just about over, and I found out today they never called my references, so it looks like I’m out of the running.

I must have flunked the writing test.

Oh, dear.

I realize that’s just a matter of style, but it stings just the same.

My son, however, got the good news that he has been hired by a large local hotel to be their front desk guy for the late night shift. This is incredibly good news, since

  • the boy keeps vampire hours
  • I won’t be going out during his “workday,” so we can share a car
  • he’ll be free all “day,” so he can start thinking about going back to school
  • he’ll eventually qualify for benefits.

Speaking  of benefits, I finally broke down and applied for Obamacare. In order to get coverage for Jeff and me, I have to spend two weeks’ Unemployment Benefits each month. At those prices, a girl feels compelled to get sick, ya know?

The next sound you hear will be my father turning in his grave as I state I actually wish we had socialized medicine. The Affordable Care Act is nothing more than compulsory insurance, and as such, a huge paternalistic rip-off.

But I don’t want to get political — I want to get realistic. If we’re going to have to pay that kind of big fat sum each month to an insurer (or anyone), I’m going to have to start working for money again.

The question is, do I start looking at contract work and freelancing opportunities? Now that my benefits and my employer will be disconnected, that may make some sense.

As long as I pass the writing tests.

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