Working people don’t have the time for this.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time this week trying to get my dishwasher fixed… at least seven hours over the course of five days. All of these calls had to be made in the daytime, and as I learned today, on Saturday, the party that may have the final power to act is only available on weekdays.

I am livid… although much calmer than my husband would be (a) if he’d had to make the phone calls, and (b) when he finds out about the phone calls. You see, when I bought this piece of crap, they yanked us about delivery and finally showed up three days later than they’d officially promised (and yes… that cost me time off from work). The damned thing has never worked right… but while I was working, I didn’t want to take any time off to sit at home and wait for repairs.  Now that I’m “unexpectedly retired,” I decided to take some action.

As I said, after multiple, multiple calls to multiple entities, it now looks like I’ll have to wait until Monday to escalate this further. The people I need to reach have, in addition to a phone number, an email address. While you can bet your sweet Bippy that I’ll be calling them Monday at 9:00 am, I also wrote them a rather detailed little email, which I’d like to share with all of you.

I ask you… how would I have been able to wage this war if I had a steady 9-5 job?

Here’s the email… and no, I have not changed names to protect the guilty:

On Sept. 14, I made the mistake of buying a Bosch dishwasher from the Sears Outlet on Ridgedale Avenue, on the border of Morristown and Cedar Knolls, NJ. (I believe this was store 99 06865). I received a receipt which was very faintly printed; in the ensuing months, it has become impossible to read. Meanwhile, the outlet where I purchased the dishwasher has closed.

The dishwasher was —and is— under manufacturer’s warrantee. I also bought a three year service plan/Master Protection Agreement from the outlet.
The dishwasher has never worked properly. I finally called to get it serviced. I have spoken to Sears, the warrantee provider, Bosch, and Ewing Repairs Service, the authorized service provider who will actually do the work.
They inform me they cannot make an appointment until they have a clear and legible copy of my Sears receipt, which states that I actually purchased a Bosch dishwasher on Sept. 14.
No one I have spoken with can (or will) help me, but I was given your email address, and I am hoping you can help out by either sending an electronic copy of the receipt or mailing a legible paper copy.

At the time of purchase, I received  Salescheck #068651024340. It states I paid $419.93 for 3022 16212991 ASCENTA BA CLR. Its ITEM UNIQUE ID is G1Y8P3M6.

Please let me know whether and when you can send me a clear copy of my receipt.

If I cannot get satisfaction, my next action will be to contact an attorney.

Thank you.

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