A woman of her word

via Daily Prompt: Crank




Crank it out, Lady.

You promised you’d wake up early, and though it’s hours since the crack of dawn, it’s quite a long time till noon.

You promised you’d write one blog post a day, and you have to make up for yesterday, when you cheated and wrote a haiku. Three lines. Seventeen syllables. One quick observation, then off to enjoy the day. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

You promised you’d do your taxes. Ugh. Can’t get away from that one. Every year you put it off, letting fear build inside you as each day goes by. “What if I make a mistake? What if the government audits me, and jails me for being stupid? What if we owe lots of money, and we have to deplete our retirement accounts to pay? What if we can’t pay at all?”

Of course, you’ll finally sit down and do it, and as always, it will come out all right. Sometimes you’ve had to pay, but the amount has never been ruinous. Even that time when you owed a lot, you paid it within three months. Nobody threw you in jail. G-Men never came to lock you out of your home.

You promised you’d clean the house.

Well, nobody believed you when you said that, but it’s about time you made good on your word.

You don’t even have to clean the whole thing. Just clear off a tabletop. Do all the dishes… including the ones that are sitting on your desk, and next to the big TV. Bag up the laundry. Mop the kitchen floor. Take the trash to the carport.

Nah. You don’t have to do that one today. It’s raining.

This lets you off the hook of another promise you made: that you’d start walking once springtime arrived. Of course, springtime has dawdled this year, and April has been kind of snowy. No one wants a wobbly old woman to walk on slippery sidewalks.

You promised you’d stop procrastinating, and prioritize your obligations.

You promised you’d cut down on coffee.

And by golly, so I will… right after I make one more cup, which I’ll sip as I plan out my day.


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