From Parallel to Perpendicular.

via Daily Prompt: Parallel

I wish my limbs still ran parallel to each other, as they did when I was younger and thinner.
My arms no longer hang vertically. Pushed to the side by my ever-expanding breasts, they now seem to be pulling an invisible cork out of my torso. I don’t think they’re as long as they used to be, either. Once upon a time, they were able to pull a zipper all the way from my waist to the nape of my neck; now, I’m lucky if I get them to reach the clasp of a necklace. Scratching that spot where my bra makes my back itch is impossible; the day will come when I am crippled by the contortions I make trying to achieve that goal.
My legs stand at ease when they should be at attention, and that’s not good either. I look like a giant baby that’s ready to pee on the carpet. Maybe that’s why few people invite me to their homes now… considering I am a post-menopausal woman who’s had two kids, my stance should make people reach for the mop as soon as they see me approaching.
How our bodies turn against us after we spend a lifetime coddling them!
If I’d tortured my physique with a lifetime of exercise, if I’d starved myself to avoid the avoirdupois that plagues me, perhaps I’d be able to move more effectively, or project a more attractive figure.
But I didn’t…
I followed my own compass, and damn it, I now look like a compass, too.


5 thoughts on “From Parallel to Perpendicular.

  1. First, we shrink. I was — long, long ago — 5’4″ tall. I am now barely scraping 5’1″ and I’m not seeing growth in my future. I could NEVER reach that itchy spot. I went on Amazon and for about $4, bought 2 back scratchers. They can save your life. Try them — the bamboo ones, not the scary metal ones.

    We get rounder as we get older, then we thin out again. Our appetites drop — though sadly so does our ability to burn calories — so we do thin out, but we aren’t ever going to “look young” again no matter what anyone says.

    Hey, at least you’ve got HAIR.

    Buy the back-scratchers.

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