A great divide.


via Daily Prompt: Notable

Do you see that tiny little separation that distinguishes “not able” from “notable?” It is the unbridgeable chasm that causes many souls to fall to their deaths.
It is the very mighty gap that separates those of us with talent from those who are blessed with genius.
We’d probably be fine if we couldn’t see the difference. Some people can’t, you know. They hear themselves singing in tune, and they think they’re ready for a concert hall. They write down a clever sentence, and feel they’ve expressed words of wisdom.
But those of us who see the distinction are in for a lot of hurt.
I paint portraits. They’re not bad. They look like the people they represent. When you walk around a room in which one of them is hanging, the eyes seem to follow you around.
Whenever I show off a new one, I always hear the same reply: “That’s nice.”
“That’s nice.”
That’s not what I long for.
I’ve stood before a portrait by Monet, unable to keep from touching the canvas, because I had to feel the light shining through the model’s hair.
I’ve stood before one of Dali’s Crucifixions, mesmerized by the brittle, chipping, wounded toenail on Christ’s foot.
No one would ever look at these masterpieces and say, “That’s nice.”
I was unable to say anything at all.
Having talent, it wounds me not to have genius.
That’s why when I see those with genius refusing to use their gifts, it sickens me to the heart.
God doesn’t give the ultimate gifts to many people… and yet, there are those with the hubris to look at Him and say, “no, thanks.”
There has to be a price for that… and paying it could take an eternity.


4 thoughts on “A great divide.

  1. “It is the very mighty gap that separates those of us with talent from those who are blessed with genius.” — I don’t think there IS any such gap. I think at this point, success is part luck (knowing the right people does help), part pushiness (she who keeps plugging at it longer and harder gets the prize), and a mental “hardness” (the bastards don’t get you down, they just make you work harder). Talent IS. If you have it, how far you get with it depends more on your willingness to get beaten up trying. Many geniuses never make it past the desk draw or the computer hard drive while less talented people hit the best-seller list.


  2. I think some don’t know it is a gift. I also agree when people say “that’s nice” to am achievement. It’s like a mashed potatoe response. Boring. I think your portrait is totally impressive and art is not a gift many have. You have it! That’s awesome!

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