I’m tired of what passes as news.

NOTE: I almost never write political posts, because they always invite two things I despise: disagreement and disruption. This time, however, I really do feel a need to vent. Please indulge me.


This morning, as I waited for my morning coffee to brew, I picked up my phone and opened Face Book. The first thing I saw was a message, “Pray for Guatemala.”

Uh oh.

Earthquake? Military coup?

I turned on the morning news, and found Bill Clinton defending the way he handled the Lewinsky affair.

Really?  Again?

I had to go online to learn that 62 Central Americans died yesterday and today from an unexpected volcanic explosion; the television news was still talking about an act of fellatio that occurred twenty years ago.

A number of other things should have, perhaps, been considered more newsworthy:

  • The Supreme Court handed down an important decision allowing individuals to act according to their consciences even when the prevailing opinion is that they’re acting like jerks.
  • Saudi Arabia issued a driving license to a woman.
  • An Israeli was attacked in Berlin for listening to a Hebrew song.
  • A woman with metastatic breast cancer was cured with experimental immunotherapy.

But the television news grilled Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinsky, and every major outlet spent the day concentrating on that one story.

When will it stop?

Conservatives will never forgive Clinton, and liberals will never hold him accountable. When will we face this fact and move on to something of substance? Call it a draw, people!

At least it got the pundits away from their conjectures about Trump and his tramp.

I’m rapidly getting to the point where I’ll vote for any eunuch who’ll run for office.

But this is no time to be facile.

What passes for news today is gossip, calumny, sniping, and spin. It is all partisan, all divisive, and all debatable.

Let’s talk about things that matter for a change. Where are people dying? Where are they going hungry? Where are they being persecuted for their ethnicity, or their beliefs? Where can we go to help them, or at least contribute to aid efforts?

How can we put the nation’s talents and treasures to use, so that every person In this country has a job, a home, a meal, an outfit, and any medicine needed? How can we share our riches with the world even as we take care of our own people?

What is science doing to improve our lives? Or not improve them?

How are we repeating history in a dangerous way? How are we advancing the human condition?

What is happening in the arts? How can we use our creativity to reach out to each other?

I want to see and hear news that’s objective and actionable.

Is that too much to ask?

8 thoughts on “I’m tired of what passes as news.

  1. This is what they want though. In this case “they” refers to both sides of the political spectrum these days. Keep everyone fighting each other so that no one asks what is going on behind closed doors.

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