Weekend writing Prompt # 59 — Typewriter

My daughter handed me a fistful of pennies.

“Put these in the bank, Mommy!”

Proud of her thrift, I said “sure!” and picked up her pink plastic bank.

“No, YOUR bank, Mommy. I put my pennies in YOUR bank.”

“Do you want me to drive there now?”

“No! Go to your desk!”

I went over to my desk, and looked for a bank, but there was none to be seen. There were many papers and magazines, a couple of empty coffee cups, and my pride and joy: the new electric typewriter I still hadn’t used, for which I’d paid two weeks’ salary.

“I put my pennies in here now,” said my child, and took a bright coin from my hand.


Just as my daughter put her penny inside, I noticed the air vents looked like coin slots .

“Give me the others,” she said.

I watched my typewriter die.

Written for: https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2018/06/16/weekend-writing-prompt-59-typewriter/

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