The mania continues. Thank

I’ve written nothing in days, but I’ve been painting like a fiend… and watching painting tutorials when I’m not at my easel.

Maybe this is why I paint so sporadically. No one can sustain this manic level of involvement.

That being said, this certainly is becoming a helluva learning experience. The “grissaille” thing — doing a detailed under painting in black and white — has been a revelation. It really does make the colors pop… they’re almost too luminous.

My first painting was (is?) a double portrait of my boys, Alex and Derek. It definitely looks like them, though I don’t think all the proportions are right, and generally, I really like how it’s turning out, except that they almost look too pretty. I don’t know how to toughen up that pair of baby faces. In most of the portrait tutorials online, the male models are craggy; I need to learn how to paint a smoother male face more realistically.

At this point, any corrections put me at a danger of screwing up something I may not be able to improve. I’m trying very hard to keep the painting and the paints in separate rooms until the mania passes.

It may help to move on to the next piece, which will be a portrait of my daughter and her husband. I’ve sketched their faces on the canvas, and will probably do the grissaille tomorrow morning.

I will try very hard not to wake up in the middle of the night and entertain the bats and vampires by working on it then.

If I do wake up then, I will watch Bob Ross on a You Tube. What a joy to find him again! Maybe when I’m done painting Amanda and Ben, I’ll fill a canvas or two with snowy old cabins and happy little trees.

The man’s voice is as joyfully soporific as ever; all he has to say is “alizarin crimson” and I fall into a deep and happy sleep.

Now, if only I could write and paint regularly! My muses don’t always play well with each other; it’s time they kissed and made up.

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