Please help me interpret this dream.

It’s somewhere around three in the morning and I just woke up. I dreamt there was a poet whose words were as powerful as images and whose paintings were as poetic as words.I don’t remember exactly, but I was trying to harness this person’s magic without copying; it seems that everyone I knew who wrote or painted shamelessly appropriated this person’s technique. It was the best thing about their work, but a pale and artless shadow of the original.In my dream, I was painting lips, and this person’s words were guiding me toward the precise shade of crimson that would bring my image to life, and then I woke up.I tried to stay asleep. I knew I was on the verge of learning something important; something that would become essential to my writing, my painting, and my actual development as a human being… but I just couldn’t hold on.What could it have been?

8 thoughts on “Please help me interpret this dream.

  1. Dreams like this are often a mirror of something real … a book you read. A show you saw on TV. A conversation you had with someone — and not necessarily recently, either. I think they are like distant memories wandering back and you almost can grab them … and then, they just slip away.

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    • Really? That’s wild. The other day I heard that we never dream of anyone we haven’t actually seen. Put both theories together, and it would seem everyone we’ve seen has become part of who we are. Mind blowing!


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