An open letter to my friends.

My darling friends,Please be warned.Having painted all my kids, my husband and myself, I am now out of household humans whose portraits I can paint. That means I may soon be painting you.I won’t make you sit for me, because I think it would be awkward as hell to scrutinize your features face to face. It’s even a little weird when I’m working from a photograph. After all, when was the last time you stared at a loved one’s picture to ascertain the size, shape and color of his or her nostrils? It’s skeevy!Also, I fear that those of you whom I have known and loved the longest are no longer twenty. Me neither. Sadly, those of you who kept your figures (stinkers) developed wrinkles. Those of us who got chubby may have grown new chins, or cavernous folds and creases.I kind of prefer the way we look now. We’ve earned the creases and folds; we’ve worked hard to get God to frost our hair.I’m not skilled enough not to paint you as I see you, but please know that every brushstroke will be an expression of my love and admiration for you. I promise not to post any completed pictures online without your permission; your likeness is your property and will not be shared unless you’re okay with that.I am also available to paint your kids, your pets, and your significant others; if there’s anyone whose picture you’d like me to attempt, just let me know.The finished pictures will be yours to keep; I’m all out of wall space, and the sunroom is starting to stack up with canvases.I don’t know how long I’ll be doing this, but it sure is fun right now!Thanks for your indulgence, as always.Love,A

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