The breakfast of old champions.

I have three ibuprofen for breakfast

With Synthroid, some Altace and juice

A big metaformin

To kick off the mornin’

Celexa to ward off the blues.

To keep my blood pressure quite steadfast

I swallow a small Microzide

Plus a blue Ramipril

That I believe will

Help my old heart keep beating in stride.

Oxybutinin is part of my repast

To control how I’ll pee through the day

There’s Azo to poop

Estrogen to make whoop

And some Beano to keep farts at bay.

This keeps me alive until nightfall,

When gladly, I will get to choose

What I’ll take to survive until morning:

A strong, healthy glass of good booze.

4 thoughts on “The breakfast of old champions.

  1. I just take a pile of pills at dinner time and another heap at bedtime, with some variations because I don’t take everything every day or even the same number of the same things every day. What’s amazing is that there’s still room FOR food. It wasn’t supposed to BE like this.

    On the plus side — hey, I’m still breathing. Mostly.

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  2. I take a bunch of pills every morning…or shall I say when I remember to take them.

    Ha…..night time I make myself a cocktail of Belsomra and Cranberry juice w/vodka!!

    I prefer my night time routine.

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