The film was in the can

Long before it was shot

And it never mattered

Whether anyone would

Put it into a projector

To watch.

What disturbs me

Is that most of the time

The frames have to be seen

— no. Experienced– sequentially.

Even though the denouement

And the prologue

Are both imprinted in the same cellophane ribbon

No one can get to the end

Before enduring the beginning.

And the middle.

Sometimes, of course, you glimpse a frame

That’s far away from the frame you should be watching.

Like spooky action at a distance

That’s scary

And no one, least of all you,

Believe you’ve seen what’s real.

Does that mean we have no choice?

I dunno.

I always feel I’m making legitimate decisions.

It’s just that their consequences are printed and stored

Even before I do anything.

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