I hate election years.

There’s one thing that bothers me about 2020.

It’s an election year.

It’s one of those periods when all civility escapes even the nicest people. Friends insult each other shamelessly, barely excusing themselves by saying, “oh, it’s not you I’m criticizing. It’s your party.”


May I criticize your party in the same way, then?

I didn’t think so.

I just want everyone to think about this. Whenever you place any label on a member of a different party, you may be striking at people whom you think of as friends… people with whom you don’t want to sever ties even for the few months between now and November.

I’d love it if people spoke about issues instead of candidates, calling out solutions instead of epithets. I wish people focused on attacking problems, not individuals. I’d like all of us to acknowledge our individual beliefs instead of agreeing completely with our parties’ platforms… doesn’t the system allow for changing and expanding views?

Mostly, I wish for civil dialogue and honest communication.

I do.

I feel so sad and foolish.

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