I don’t have an answer.

via Daily Prompt: Bestow

I don’t know of anything as unattractive as a nestful of baby birds begging for food. With their open yellow beaks framing their papaya-red mouths, they squawk with no sense of decorum. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Their selfishness is unabashed; their gluttony is unbridled. They literally take the food from their mothers’ mouths without caring whether or not she has been adequately fed. They are never full… and when they are full grown, and able to go out and get food for themselves, they fly out of the nest without ever looking back, or thanking the mother bird who devoted herself to their sustenance.
We’re like that too, you know.
Have you ever wondered what a God’s eye view of humanity would be? I have… and I find it appalling.
There we are, crowded into our little planet, squawking prayers in every language and tradition, all with the same theme: Gimme.
Gimme the consolation of knowing my loved ones have been saved.
Gimme the pardon I need in order to be saved myself.
Gimme freedom from seeing my loved ones sicken and die. Gimme a pass on having to care for the unfortunate. Gimme the means to support myself and my family, preferably with some loot left over. Gimme beauty. Gimme love. Gimme sex and satisfaction. Gimme a break from all the difficulties that stem from laziness, physical and intellectual. Gimme the strength to zip these jeans all the way up.
When do we ever ask, “Hey, God! What can I give You?”
It never occurs to us that He might have some needs too!
Of course, we tell each other He’s happy with praise, so we sing out the occasional Hosanna, and expect it to keep Him happy until He grants our next request.
But I really have to wonder: is there something with which we can bestow Him?
It’s so hard to hear Him over the sound of our own cries.